Getting to Know Chervin Furniture & Design – One Employee at a Time

Meet Jeremy – Deliveries done with joy and integrity!

Working alongside Carter in the furniture delivery department is Jeremy, who has been a member of our team since Spring 2018. Jeremy has been a valuable and fun addition to our team and we are so grateful for his diligence, care, and fabulous laugh. Our customers love Jeremy, too, because they know they can count on his friendly nature and detail-oriented service, something Jeremy values about Chervin: “I love the emphasis on customer service. I am never caught between following my manager’s instructions and meeting the customer’s needs – the goal of everyone working here is to honour our customers with up-front communication, accuracy, and integrity.” Jeremy is proud of the quality products he delivers, and especially of the fact that, if there is ever a product that arrives defective or incorrect, even in the smallest way, the customer will know right away and the order will be made right.

His favourite deliveries are the ones where people are particularly excited about their furniture delivery – especially kids! Seeing the joy on their faces, and getting high fives from happy customers (or children of customers), can really make a delivery special…and a whole day meaningful! One time Jeremy was running ahead of schedule so his customer had their son let him in to deliver the furniture – and when the sofa was all set up, the son gave Jeremy a big hug, a high five, and even a few chocolates, so overjoyed about the comfy new place to relax at home.

Chervin Delivery Team Member - Meet JeremyChervin Delivery Team Member - Meet Jeremy

Working at Chervin Furniture has given Jeremy valuable insights into what to look for when he is shopping for his own home and family. Quality and durability are the primary things he prioritizes – even to the point of, in some cases, preferring to put the furniture together himself so he can ensure the build and fit are sound and able to last for a long time to come. Jeremy has a keen eye for detail and cares about precision and quality – something he looks out for on behalf of his customers, and has developed an aptitude for identifying in his own purchases!

The next item on Jeremy’s own wish list is a sturdy, round wooden dining table that will perfectly host a crokinole board (more on that below…). One of his top picks right now would be the Berringer Table from Ashley (see below!), but there are lots of beautiful (and even custom!) options to choose from, though, so his final decision isn’t made yet.

Berringer TableBerringer Table

Furniture popularity can come in waves, as seasons, trends, and styles ebb and flow. Recently, while out on deliveries, Jeremy has noticed that Palliser furniture is particularly popular. Palliser is a Canadian-made brand that we love to work with and promote (our most recent sale was for Palliser reclining furniture!). Palliser sells stationary and motion furniture, ranging from chairs all the way through to entertainment sectionals, with lots of options to create the ultimate in comfortable experiences, whether you’re napping in a rocker recliner, enjoying a family movie night, or stretching out after a long day’s work. Check out some of Palliser’s offerings below:

Prior to his delivery role at Chervin, Jeremy has worked in a lot of different settings and jobs, from farming and construction to personal training and speech coaching, but his most recent entrepreneurial passion is building custom crokinole boards! When Jeremy isn’t on delivery duty, Jeremy runs his own business, Tracey Boards, where he designs and builds crokinole boards for everyone from the casual player, to those competing at the National Crokinole Association‘s championships! Jeremy, of course, loves the game himself, and ranks 6th on the NCA’s  competitive scoreboard, with one of his sons not far behind in 10th place. Crokinole is not just a game for Jeremy, but a passion, and he loves providing quality boards to others who enjoy it as much as him. His boards have been given as birthday gifts, auctioned for corporate events, and, of course, used in countless tournaments. So if you’re looking for a new hobby and want to give crokinole a try, Jeremy is the one to talk to!

Jeremy works out of our Elmira showroom, but he’s usually out on the road, so the best way you can meet him for yourself is to get your new Chervin furniture delivered straight to your house – we promise you’ll enjoy the quality service of Jeremy and his team!

Meet Jeremy, happy delivery teamMeet Jeremy, happy delivery team

P.S. This is a tricky time of year for our delivery team, with all the forces of Winter at play. Despite that, they keep to their schedule and never lose their smiles. Want to help their day go even smoother? Make an effort to have your driveway and walkway cleared of snow and ice before they arrive with your dream furniture – they’ll be so grateful!