Designing Your Home for a Growing Family

As your family grows in number, it’s important that your home adjusts with each life stage. Investing in furniture that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your family’s age and stage can be a fabulous way to keep things fresh and ensure everyone feels at home in your house. From kid-sized furniture, to stain-resistant fabrics, to playful decor, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started in designing a home that doesn’t just accommodate kids, but really treasures them.

A Kid’s Place to Crash

Legacy Classic is one of our primary suppliers of furniture designed specifically for kids, and we are really excited to have some new products arriving in our showroom this month! These “Crash Pads” are bean-bag-style lounge furniture that is compact and comfortable – perfect for a playroom, bedroom, or kids’ corner of the living room!

Learn more about the whole collection here!

Cozy Nights for Your Kids

When it’s time for tucking in, these beds from SmartStuff Furniture & Legacy Classic are the perfect choice – available in twin or queen sizing, and rich with character, this diverse collection of beds has something for every child. Choose a trundle bed for the kid who loves sleepovers, a “Glitz & Glam” bed for your little diva, or a rustic daybed for a cozy, versatile space. There are lots more beds to choose from, but here is a sampling…

A Place for Everything…

Storage is really important in your kids’ bedrooms. Not only is it helpful for keeping things organized, but the right dresser, chest, or armoire, can engage your child in the cleaning process, too. A chest with unique shelving and drawers helps differentiate what goes where and turns sorting into a creative activity. Dressers offer ample storage with easy height access, while feeling like “big kid” furniture due to their mature style and substance. (Note: While large enough to provide effective storage, these units are still “kid-sized”; remember these compact options any time you are looking to furnish a smaller room!) There are lots of options from SmartStuff Furniture (the kids’ division of Universal Furniture) when it comes to practical and playful storage solutions!

Peaceful Productivity

Once school enters the picture, a kid-sized desk is a valuable commodity (especially if the alternative is the kitchen playing double duty as an office)! Useful for homework and research, as well as personal pastimes like crafting, story writing, and working on puzzles, these desks can serve your child for many years before being outgrown. With lots of different styles available, your child can feel very involved in this purchase, selecting  a desk and chair combination that inspires and excites them, while your kitchen table stays free of homework and crayons.

Pictured below: Jr. Executive Desk, Jr. Secretary Desk, Jr. Slatted Activity Desk.

Creating a Playful Space…

Once you have the furniture combination that’s right for your family, it’s always nice to put some thought into a few accent pieces to represent the younger members of your family in your home. These adorable pieces of wall art are inexpensive and fairly small, all of them great options for nursery or playroom walls, ranging in tone from silly and creative to reflective and thankful.

Keep Things Fun & Functional

Whether your (and your child’s!) taste is more sophisticated or silly, there are lots of ways to personalize your home to prioritize family. In addition to the specific examples outlined above, consider buying furniture upholstered in easy-clean fabrics, and/or furniture with storage options and built-in power outlets (great for busy, tech-loving households). Keeping these elements in mind can ensure even the most mature furniture in your home is still family-oriented.

If you’re planning to redecorate your child’s room or your main living space, in the near future, count us in! We’d love to be part of your design journey, and to help you find just the right pieces to match the age, interests, and needs of your child. Contact us today to set up a design consultation, or stop by our showroom and we’ll be happy to give you a tour of all our family-friendly options.

P.S. Looking for family-friendly, full-sized furniture? Check out our post from Family Day for tips and tricks on how to design and decorate the main spaces of your home with all ages in mind!