Getting to Know Chervin Furniture & Design – One Employee at a Time

Meet Cherlyn – spinning lots of plates for chervin…

Cherlyn is a really special member of our team – starting just last month, Cherlyn is working in our Elmira showroom two days a week, ensuring that all our showroom and custom orders get submitted with accuracy and efficiency, and received in good shape. Another three days a week, you can find her working in our Waterloo gallery showroom, managing reception and providing sales support for Chervin’s cabinetry, furniture, and clock divisions. She’s been working out of our Waterloo showroom (for Chervin Kitchen & Bath and Colonial Times) since June 2018, and is well known there for her reliable organization, and friendly, warm personality.

Part of what makes Cherlyn the perfect person to be taking over our ordering and administration is that a rewarding day for her consists of following through on a project from start to finish – taking ownership of a task or responsibility and seeing it through from conception to conclusion is exciting and motivating to Cherlyn (and so valuable for us!). Another really valuable part of her personality is that she loves people – her favourite thing about working in the showroom is the relaxed, family-like environment, and the familiarity she has with the other staff and, if they’re willing, the customers she helps, too.

Working at Chervin also means Cherlyn is surrounded by furniture, decor, and cabinets that would make any homeowner proud, so she has lots of opportunities to envision what her future home might look like. Lately, she’s a big fan of Dutalier’s gliders (especially the Denver – he has a sleek, modern look with exposed walnut detailing on the arms). And she is a big advocate for buying quality, a mentality instilled in her since childhood – whenever possible, paying a little more to get something that will last for many years down the road is a worthwhile investment.

When Cherlyn isn’t working, she is well known for her skills in the kitchen (which may be why she’s responsible for baked birthday goodies in the Waterloo showroom…). She also loves singing, playing piano, relaxing with a good book, or, more often than not, connecting with special friends for a meaningful conversation or a fun night out. If you have a favourite recipe, book, or song, Cherlyn would love to hear it…you may even walk away with one of her favourites, too!

P.S. Don’t forget to ask Cherlyn about our customization options, particularly with the brands on display in our Waterloo showroom. In addition to literally thousands of fabric and leather options, she’ll be happy to tell you about sizing, configuration, and arm/leg styling options that are all at your fingertips…