How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home

Maybe it’s a few cherished pieces that have been passed down through your family, but don’t quite mesh with the rest of your furniture. Or perhaps you love modern design, but still want a room that feels warm, cozy, and personable. Or maybe you just really like classic touches, even in a small, fresh condo space. No matter what the reason is, mixing styles in your home furniture and decor can often feel challenging and overwhelming. You want a cohesive space, but also want to incorporate all those special touches and meaningful pieces. Well, the good news for you is that you’re right on trend – interior design is embracing the individuality of the homeowner these days…it’s all about comfort and personality!

Having unique pieces is essential to creating a space that truly represents “you” – whether it be an antique heirloom, a handcrafted one-of-kind piece, or a memorable souvenir from your travels. And even better than unique furniture or decor, are furniture and decor that are both unique and practical. Here are some some tricks to help you create a cohesive and balanced space in your home – one that highlights your character instead of distracting from it:


When picking which pieces to keep together (or shopping for a few new accent items), look closely at the ‘lines’ of your furniture…does it have simple, straight edges, or an ornate, curved profile? The angle of the line doesn’t matter so much as the overall impression it gives off – is it rigid or smooth? Streamlined or complex? Keeping the lines of your furniture similar to one another, and to the tone of the art and decor around them, will help blend styles and mix eras of design. The same goes for any noteworthy shapes that can be carried across different pieces of furniture (see right, where the large polka dot pillows complement the cylindrical seating and cocktail table).

How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - carrying shapes through your space

How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - following lines through your homeHow to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - following lines through your home


How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - airy cocktail table with heavy sofa

Think about keeping size and scale similar among your seating and accent furniture: a large, modern sofa may look “off” when paired with a tiny, carved table. But also be aware of balance – find ways to keep the scale similar, but the visual weight of the pieces varied.

For example, a large, heavy sofa paired with a solid wood storage cocktail table may feel daunting because they are both solid, heavy pieces. But switching out that heavy accent table for one with a glass surface or open metal base can make all the difference in creating a room that feels spacious and airy, not crowded.

How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - open metal base table


Just as repeating shapes and lines can help bring together pieces from different eras and styles, repeating the pieces themselves can also bring order to a diversely decorated space. Pairs of chairs or sets of artwork can be repeated in a room to great effect! Repeating a colour (creating a clear and vivid colour scheme) is also a great way to provide continuity – a uniform colour palette helps keep things simple to follow and appreciate. Look for ways to balance colour with neutrals throughout the room, and if you live in an open-concept home, consider carrying that same colour palette throughout the entire floor to make the space feel large and connected.

How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - consistent colour schemeHow to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - consistent colour scheme


Create interest by mixing your textures (smooth leather, plush velvet, textured patterns, metals). Smooth, painted wood furniture can pair beautifully with highly textured stone surfaces, and distressed leather seating. Glass accents look lovely alongside velvets and all sorts of metals. Of course a statement pattern stands out brilliantly against neutrals and solids. And don’t be afraid to mix woods – keep your woods in the same tone or ‘temperature’: warmer brown and red woods work well with gold tones, while the cooler browns work better with greys and silvers.

Bennett Bunching Tables room shotBennett Bunching Tables room shot
Sidra Area Rug room shotSidra Area Rug room shot


Does your piece have a second use? For example, a unique, refinished chest of drawers can be stunning as the focal point of a hallway or living room. Painting, refinishing, or reupholstering an older piece (or even just switching out the hardware), can bring it to life in a new way in a new space, and help it add value to a room you may never have pictured it in before!

How to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - repurposing old furnitureHow to Mix-and-Match Styles At Home - repurposing old furniture

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