Sorting Out Sectionals

Sectionals are a prime choice for relaxing Family Rooms and elegant Great Rooms, alike. They are roomy, inviting, and give structure to the design of a space. But the versatile and sometimes even modular design of sectionals can make choosing and ordering the ideal configuration for your context difficult. In today’s post, we’re giving you a quick run-down of the primary pieces you’re likely to come across when customizing your own new sectional. Still have questions after? Contact us anytime to discuss the best options for your home. Without further ado, let’s start sorting out these sectional elements…


Some sectional pieces are designed to be an “end piece”, where one side has an arm, and the other side has no arm, in order to accommodate connection to another unit. The side the arm sits on determines whether it is referred to as “Right Arm Facing” (RAF) or “Left Arm Facing” (LAF). A Right Arm Facing (or Right Hand Facing) sectional piece has a single arm on what is the right side of the unit when you are standing facing it. The left side has no arm, but is designed to connect directly with another piece of the sectional. Conversely, a Left Arm Facing (or Left Hand Facing) sectional piece has a single arm on what is the left side of the unit when you are facing it. The right side has no arm, but is designed to connect directly with another piece. A variety of sectional pieces, including Sofas, Sectional Sofas, Loveseats, Chaises, and Cuddlers can all come in both RAF and LAF configurations. Let’s unpack those pieces…


An RAF or LAF Sofa is a sectional piece with three seats and a single arm. An RAF/LAF Loveseat is designed in exactly the same way, but with only two seats (a shorter piece overall), while an Armless Chair is only a single seat.

LAF Sofa - Vogel

LAF Sofa Diagram

RAF Loveseat in Sectional - Palliser

RAF Loveseat connected to an LAF Sectional Sofa (learn more below)

Corner Seat

A Corner Seat is a sectional piece that has a back on two sides and is typically only a single seat. The Corner can be used to connect an LAF Sofa and an RAF Loveseat, for example, totalling 6 seats. This seat is more of a place to curl up or stretch out your feet from one of the other pieces, as there isn’t naturally much leg room, but it can be a beautiful way of tying the other elements together into a cohesive unit.

Corner Seat in Sectional - Palliser

Corner Wedge

A Corner Wedge is a sectional piece that is typically the width of one to one-and-a-half seats, and has a rounded back. The Corner Wedge can be used to connect two other sectional pieces, while making the corner a little more comfortable, and adjusting the overall look of the sectional to be a rounded one, rather than an angled one (which is entirely a matter of taste).

Corner Curve - Palliser

Sectional Sofa/Sofa Split

A Sectional Sofa (referred to by some manufacturers as a Sofa Split), is very similar to an RAF or LAF Sofa (and typically comes in both configurations), but has a full-height back on the side opposite the arm side. This basically integrates a Corner Seat into a RAF or LAF Sofa. The connection point with the next sectional piece, then, is on the front side of the Sectional Sofa, on the corner end.

Sectional Sofa - Vogel


A Chaise is a sectional piece that is at least double the depth of a standard chair. This creates a comfortable lounge space that is more compact and open than a sofa or loveseat, but offers similar space and comfort for someone looking to stretch out. It typically has a standard back and a single arm on one side, meaning the seat extends well beyond the edge of the arm, creating an airy look.

LAF Chaise - Vogel

LAF Chaise

RAF Chaise - Vogel

RAF Chaise

Armless Sofa/Loveseat/Chair

An Armless sofa is a three-seat piece designed to fit between two other sectional pieces. It may be the core of your sectional, with a chaise or corner piece on either side. This sofa literally has no arms, but full seats and back, with a latch on either side to connect to other sectional pieces. An Armless Loveseat is designed in exactly the same way, but with only two seats, while an Armless Chair is a single seat.

Armless Sofa - Vogel


A Cuddler (referred to by some manufacturers as a Nest) is an adorable, contemporary way to finish off your sectional. This piece is an angled, extra-wide, 5-sided seat with a back on two sides, creating a “nook” on the end of your sectional. It’s a perfect cozy spot to curl up with a book, or cuddle up to read or watch a movie with a loved one. It also adds another interesting visual element to your sectional, to vary it from the more rigid traditional configurations.

RAF Cuddler - Vogel

RAF Cuddler Diagram

LAF Cuddler - Vogel

LAF Cuddler

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