Brand Profile: Ashley

Ashley is an incredibly popular brand all across North America and it won’t take you long to find out why. Just flip through a few pages of their catalogue and you’ll quickly discover that Ashley carries an incredibly diverse range of products – not only in every style you can think of but for almost every room of the house! In addition, Ashley is a popular choice with new homeowners, renters, and retirees who are looking to limit their spending on furniture and decor, but still want their space to feel like home.

Ashley is one of only a few brands we carry that are not made in Canada, and their products are machine-made from less expensive materials than say Handstone or Universal Furniture would use; however, if you’re looking for a beautiful piece to suit a relaxed room of your home, or to enjoy for the next few years as you enter a new season of life, Ashley is a fantastic choice that’s sure to please.

Take a look through the categories below to unpack just how much diversity Ashley has to offer when it comes to furniture for your bedroom, living room, office, and dining room – and there’s so much more we can tell you about in person! Drop by our Elmira showroom and we’d love to help you find the Ashley piece that’s just right for you and your home.


Nightstands, dressers, chests, and beds of just about every shape and size you can imagine – Ashley has it all! Lots of their beds and bunk beds also include streamlined storage options to ensure you can maximize every inch of your space while keeping it tranquil and tidy. And as you can see, stylistically there is something for just about everyone…


While they have some seating options available, Ashley’s real gift is in accent tables. Cocktail tables, end tables, and sofa tables can bring so much character and style, not to mention practicality, to your lounging and hosting spaces, and Ashley makes sure you have lots of options (and full collections) to choose from…


Work from home just got a whole lot easier! We recently updated our website stock with a wide range of home office desks available from Ashley and a few other great brands we carry. In addition to desks, Ashley carries a variety of bookcases, perfect for mixing and matching or standing on their own in a cozy corner of your office.

Dining Room

Whether you have an eat-in breakfast nook or a dining room to host a dozen guests (or both), Ashley has a great option for you! Dining tables, benches, and chairs of several different configurations can be mixed and matched or bought as a set, and intricate side servers can bring a fresh level of sophistication to your room.

Explore the rest of Ashley’s products to find furniture that offers style and form at an affordable price point. Shop now!