Getting to Know Chervin Furniture & Design - One Employee at a Time - Chervin Furniture & Design

Getting to Know Chervin Furniture & Design – One Employee at a Time

Meet Trennis – Friendly, Patient, and Hardworking

Trennis began working at Chervin Furniture in November of 2020. Before he joined our team, he worked in the shipping and receiving department over at our sister company, Artco International for about 2.5 years. As business at Chervin Furniture & Design grew the opportunity arose for Trennis to join our team – and we are glad he did!

A Day in the life of Trennis

At Chervin Furniture, Trennis role includes loading up furniture from our warehouse and delivering it to customers across Waterloo Region and beyond. Not only will he deliver your new furniture, but Trennis will also remove your old furniture (if it has been arranged ahead of time). When Trennis leaves your home, your new furniture will be ready for you and your family to enjoy!

Being a friendly and outgoing person himself, one of Trennis’ favourite things about his job is the opportunity to get to know customers. Trennis enjoys chatting with customers on deliveries and seeing their homes and furniture choices. Every day is different and that makes the work exciting. It’s always a surprise to find out where and what he will be delivered each day. While some people may find this stressful, Trennis’ always positive, “go with the flow” attitude allows him to thrive in this kind of work.

Another one of Trennis’ favourite aspects of the job is working with Carter, the other half of our delivery team. Carter and Trennis spend a lot of time together since most of their deliveries require two people to get the job done. No matter the work they are tackling, you will always find warm and welcoming smiles on the faces of this dynamic duo.

Trennis’ Furniture Two Cents

A popular product that Trennis has delivered recently is the Broadway Sectional by Vogel (also a personal favourite of his). He also has noticed that most deliveries recently include sectionals and chairs. Some days it is a challenge to fit everything properly in the truck, so he and Carter end up playing a life-size game of Tetris to fit all the different pieces in.

Of all the products Chervin Furniture offers, Trennis’ favourites include the sofas and sectionals made by Vogel. He specifically loves the Broadway sectional. It is handcrafted, locally made, and features nice wide armrests which Trennis finds are great for comfort and for looks! These products are also simple to deliver and set up which is just another reason he loves them.

One of the most rewarding parts of being on the delivery team for Trennis is seeing the excitement customers have on their faces when their new furniture is delivered and set up. During COVID, Trennis found his job especially rewarding as customers had not seen many people and were just happy to have someone to talk to again. Being able to brighten someone’s day simply by delivering their furniture to them is a really good feeling.

Customers are quite vocal about how happy they are with their products when we deliver them – it makes me feel like I am making a difference in their lives which is something I value.


Trennis’ Delivery Tips

Some tips Trennis has for Chervin Furniture customers that will help in the delivery process are:

  • Build your houses with wide doorways (*Que Trennis’ subtle laughter*)
  • Make sure your car is out of the driveway when you are expecting a delivery. This helps the delivery process to go much smoother and is greatly appreciated by our team!
  • Measure your space before you order your furniture to make sure it will fit. If you’re not sure how to do that, give us a call and we will come measure for you!

Trennis leaning against delivery truck

A Part Of the Family

Trennis’ favourite thing about working at Chervin Furniture & Design is the people he gets to work with.  Even when things aren’t going as expected, everyone remains calm and never take their frustrations out on others. Trennis is proud to be a part of the Chervin family and having the opportunity to contribute to the excellent service the Chervin team provides to customers!

Your home and your furniture are in great hands with Trennis and the rest of our delivery team – with that we know your delivery experience with Chervin will be like no other!

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