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Defining A Quality Sofa

You’re looking to purchase a sofa that will be the new cozy spot in your home, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. 

You’ve got your checklist made:

  • “A sofa that will fit perfectly in your home.”
  • “A sofa that has room for my entire family.”
  • “A sofa that is cozy and comfy.”
  • “A sofa that is of excellent quality.”

Out of all the things on your checklist, the last one might be the biggest and most important one of all. But how do you define a quality sofa? What factors make up a high-quality over a poor-quality? Today we want to help you check that off your list!  

Our in-house furniture experts have shared with us their esteemed knowledge and have outlined the foundations of a quality sofa below.

Upholstered framed chair with wooden legs

14310 Alesund Chair

The Frame

A well-made frame can make the world of a difference when it comes to the longevity of your sofa. Specifically, solid wood (or mostly solid) and in some cases engineered wood can be used to craft the frame. To have a stable and sturdy sofa, it should be corner blockedscrewed tightly, and glued for added stability.

the way in which a sofa is made


The process of creating bench-made furniture has to do with it not being massproduced. Each piece of furniture is custom made and has only a few people making the furniture from start to finishThe upholsterer working on the piece ensures that it is upholstered with precision and perfection through the entire process, making all the stripes and patterns on the fabric match  

Support for the sofa

The Support

Adding support to the bottom is just as important as adding comfort to the top of your sofas seat cushions. The spring system that is installed in the frame of your sofa determines how comfortable your seat cushions are going to feel. Some furniture brands offer drop-in-coil construction which is a higherend spring construction. Specific springs called “sinuous springs” also add extra comfort to your cushions. If there are not enough sinuous springs on the sofa, it will not provide the proper support an excellent quality sofa will need to last for years to come.  


Cushions and comfort for the sofa

The comfort

The most important factor of all is to discuss what type of comfort you want your sofa to be. We know the comfort of your sofa is helped by the springs, but the real star of the show, or should I say sofa, is the cushions that embrace you every time you want to unwind and relax. The foam density of a cushion determines how firm or soft the cushions are going to be. Excellent quality and higher-end sofas usually maintain a foam density between 2-2.5 pounds, which can come in loose or tighter fitting cushions depending on the style of your sofa. The materials that your cushions can be filled witare feather, down, or a combination of both 

It is important to keep in mind that… just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t only judge a sofa by its upholstery.  


Start shopping for your dream sofa

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