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A Guide to Buying Solid Wood Furniture

Wood has been a desired material of furniture for thousands of years, and while design styles change, we expect wood furniture to reign in popularity for thousands more years to come.

Why is Solid Wood Furniture so Expensive?

While furniture shopping, it may have crossed your mind that solid wood pieces are more expensive than your alternatives – veneer, laminate, or plastic. What is that all about?
Well, solid wood materials simply cost more (it is SOLID; not hollow like alternatives), and the craftsmanship behind solid wood furniture is more time-consuming and labour-intensive. Not to mention, there are more steps along the way from once-a-tree to a furniture piece in your house – such as the kiln drying and finishing processes. But we promise the extra costs behind a solid wood piece will be well worth your investment.

Solid wood dining table surrounded by customizable solid wood blue velvet dining chairs. Featuring a solid wood sideboard apart of the DRC #753 set.

Bertanie District 753 (DRC #753)

What are the Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture?

A Smart Investment

Solid wood is built to last and is here to stay for generations to come. Spending the larger initial investment on solid wood saves you money in the long run as opposed to having to buy your short-lived cheaper alternatives far more frequently. With the proper care for solid wood, the piece of furniture can be a one-time purchase.

Astonishingly durable

Furniture goes through a lot in its lifetime. Solid wood outlives cheaper materials when it comes to your common furniture accidents such as bumps, knicks, or water spills. As cheaper furniture begins to see life, you will notice easily made marks, scratches, and chips from bumping your furniture or bubbling and lifting from water damage. Solid wood on the other hand is much more resistant and can handle the common accidents that we put our furniture through.

It is Customizable

Solid wood easily allows for customizations – it is the perfect material for those who have a vision and are looking for a customized piece of furniture. Between shaping, staining, and painting, the possibilities for your solid wood piece are endless. Solid wood also allows you to change the look of your furniture with easy refinishes rather than looking for a whole new piece to meet your next vision.

Easy to Clean, Easy to Maintain

When cleaning and maintaining your solid wood, less is more. The best way to clean your solid wood is to use a lightly damp cloth to dust it. To ensure your piece will last for years to come, avoid using polishes, wood cleaners, wax, or any chemicals as these products create a build-up on your furniture.

It is ideal to buy local solid wood. If you are buying solid wood from a different country that experiences a different climate, your wood may react differently in your home’s climate. If your home is in a dyer climate, caring for your solid wood with natural oil, such as hemp oil, may be beneficial to bring moisture back and keep it from drying out.

The Sustainable Option

Unlike your alternatives (veneer, laminate, or plastic), solid wood is a sustainable resource. Solid wood is built to last, and its long lifetime means it stays longer away from a landfill. Additionally, wood is biodegradable and easy to recycle and reuse as supposed to the alternatives. Cheap engineered wood is also packed with higher amounts of chemicals as they contain plastics.

Brings Character into Your Home

Each piece of solid wood is unique and holds so much character with its one-of-a-kind wood grain. Solid wood transforms your living space bringing nature into your home and provides a wow factor making an impression on guests. Not to mention, solid wood is completely versatile and timeless. Whatever style your home may be, solid wood is sure to fit in and can be a standout piece in any room setting.

Laguna Bedroom set by Handstone with decorative plant in background. Nubuck on Maple with Sunrise Pewter Metal.

Laguna Bedroom Collection by Handstone

If we could make a recommendation on a specific piece of furniture that is a must to have as a solid wood piece, we would highly recommend going the extra mile for a high-quality solid wood dining table.

Dining tables should be able to endure our high-volume use of the furniture piece – breakfast, lunch, dinner, family gatherings, homework, dishes, spills, water glasses, and bumps – which is why a quality solid wood dining table is strongly recommended to last for years to come and to withstand its common use.

A cream coloured sofa surrounded by the Kenova Living Room Collection by Handstone. Cobblestone on Smooth Maple. Kenova Coffee Table, Kenova End table, Kenova Chairside table, Kenova Sofa table.

Kenova Living Room Collection by Handstone

Who Makes Solid
Wood Furniture?

Chervin Furniture & Design is proud to carry numerous pieces of high-quality Canadian solid wood furniture that align with our core values.

Bertanie and Handstone are trustworthy Canadian manufacturers of custom-made solid wood furniture, both carried by Chervin Furniture & Design.

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