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Guide: How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is a sofa, here’s why. It’s the one place other than your bed where you can truly unwind and relax, but it also plays a central role in your daily life, where conservation unfolds, and memories are made. Plus, there’s no other statement piece that reflects your style better than a sofa.

Whether it’s a modular couch that you can mix and match or the comfiest sectional that fits the whole family—yes, the dogs too—the right sofa plays a crucial role in shaping your living space.

So, how do you choose a sofa that will last? It starts with research, especially when selecting a high-quality product—from the right material down to the details. To add nailhead trim or not to add nailhead trim? And at the end of the day, it’s about finding what suits your style.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to find the right sofa for your living room or any space in your home. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Select A Style

Before making any decision, it’s best to start with research to define the look and style you want to achieve with your sofa. This is the fun part.

The easiest way to gather inspiration is by seeing products in person, and it really helps you visualize what it would look like in your own home. So why not plan a day and stop by the Chervin Furniture & Design showroom in Elmira or Waterloo? With over 17,000 square feet to explore, our showroom is home to the best Canadian-made sofa brands in Ontario–with plenty of customizable options.

First, let’s explore some of the most popular couch styles, what they offer visually and the purpose they can bring into your living space.


This is where the trendy couches fall into. Maybe it’s a funky colour like burnt orange or like the space-age modular couch you saw while scrolling on Pinterest. Nonetheless, modern sofas consist of straight lines and curved edges typically made from high-quality materials such as leather.

White curved modern sofa styled with golden accent furniture

2239 Sectional by Decor-Rest

They offer a minimalistic style that lacks pattern with a sleek appeal that compliments any space. Many of these sofas have unique elements such as metal accents, wooden mid-century legs, or a bright pop of colour. Consider shopping in-house brands like Bernhardt or Amisco for modern sofas.

Best For: Those who value visual aesthetics and want to maximize their space with a sleek, minimal design without going over the top.  


If comfort is your top priority, look no further. But that doesn’t mean all visual appeal goes out the window. Many casual sofas still bring a clean, contemporary look to any living space. This can be a classic sectional that has ample room for the whole family, including your friends! Or it can be an oversized 3-seater with deep cushions—perfect for mid-day naps or watching sports all evening.

Grey Fabric Sectional Sofa by Superstyle

7002 Fabric Sectional by SuperStyle

If you plan to spend a lot of time on this type of couch, make sure your cushions are high-quality and can withstand the endless lounging. Consider shopping in-house brands like Palliser, or SuperStyle for relaxed casual sofas.

Best For: Those with families or pets and who prioritize comfort over aesthetics. This option is all about making your space as cozy as possible.


It’s all about the look. Let’s be real, these couches are visually stunning and tend to be the conversation piece in any room. On the other hand, they can be stiffer and not ideal for casual lounging. These sophisticated sofas are unique in how they can amplify the energy and vibe of any room, whether adding an all-leather Chesterfield to your home’s library or maybe a pop of colour to your den.

Light brown leather Chesterfield sofa from Decor-Rest styled in a living room

3230 Tufted Sofa by Decor-Rest

Often inspired by a certain look, like European, a tuft-style sofa might be the choice for you. These pieces are timeless and mesh well with other styles—so don’t be scared to play up any room with this type of sofa. Consider shopping in-house brands like Vogel, or Décor-Rest for elegant sofas.

Best For: Those wanting to make a statement with their sofa or if you’re trying to fit a certain style that involves a one-of-a-kind piece that is uniquely yours.

Step 2: All About the Material

Once you have the style selected for your couch, you can start to think about the intention behind this piece of furniture. Ultimately this helps you decide which upholstery is best suited for your daily life. While all furniture experiences wear and tear, there are many things to consider that can help prolong the longevity of your sofa.

Brentwood Athena Fabric Modern Sectional Sofa

Athena Sectional Sofa by Brentwood



  • Do you have kids younger or older?
  • What about pets?
  • How often are you home?

How you live your everyday life can impact the choice you make when it comes to deciding on the material of your couch. If you have children—young or grown, consider a durable option. The same goes for pet owners who should consider easy maintenance materials where clean-up is simple. In this case, leather is very durable and repels pet hairs from sticking.

On the other hand, a top choice for families or those with busier at-home traffic should consider performance fabrics that repel stains and don’t absorb smells. If you are unsure of how to clean a certain material, check out the Chervin Furniture Care Guide.

Other durable upholstery options are leather, velvet, microfibre, and canvas.



  • What is the best room for my sofa?
  • How can I avoid placing my sofa in direct sunlight?
  • What is the best location for my sofa?

Where you decide to position your sofa is also a major thing to consider. If you place it near a big window you need to make sure it isn’t getting direct sunlight. This can lead to fading fabric or cracking over time. Also, take caution when putting a sofa near a radiator where heat might cause damage or excessive moisture—especially for sofas with wooden features.



  • What is the main use of the couch?
  • How can I make my sofa match the rest of the room’s style?
  • Do you prefer leather, patterns, or extra detailing?

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to your sofa’s fabric—you can go entirely custom or bring in your own—known as COM (customer’s own material). The choice is based ultimately on the above considerations and your personal style.

At Chervin, many of our brands offer upholstery customization depending on the fabric you choose from leather to patterned canvas. Likewise, Vogel offers over 300 cover options and even takes furniture customization one step further. Choose from wood finishes or add nailhead trims to bring your sofa all together. How will you customize your fabric sofa?

Step 3: Time to personalize

Accessories, features, upgrades, oh my! There is so much you can do to maximize your comfort with any sofa. This is where you can add personal touches to your sofa that go beyond its aesthetic and instead focus more on utility.

First, start with cushions. Some brands of sofas offer the choice between a single cushion vs. a multi-cushion. The difference? It’s simple. Single-cushion sofas offer a sleek, contemporary look with more flexible seating since no cracks exist. In contrast, multi-cushion sofas are easier to customize and clean since the cushions can be interchangeable.

Kieran leather reclining sofa by Palliser styled in bright living room

Kieran Reclining Sofa by Palliser

It all comes down to comfort, which is why the next thing to look at is cushion softness or firmness. This is a totally personal choice, depending on what you like. Most Chervin sofa brands offer a range of cushion comfort options ranging from soft to ultra-lux. Plus, always consider the cushion filling that can include anything from fibre, foam, and more high-quality feather-down options.

When thinking about additional features, go back to your initial purpose and intent of the sofa. If you have a family or plan to lounge around a lot, consider options like oversized, deep cushions. Maybe USB charging ports are important as well or extra cup holders. These are all up to you and how you will utilize your couch.

Step 4: The final Checklist

Before you make a final decision, here are some dos and don’ts that can help you avoid common mistakes when buying a sofa.


Try before you buy! Visit a shop or showroom. There’s no better way to picture a sofa in your house than by seeing it in real life.

Future-proof your sofa! Buy covers and always match your material with your lifestyle.

Look at fabric swatches! If you can go in person, everything always looks different online.

Research! This means everything from cushion fillings to materials and brands. The more you know about the product, the better.


Sacrifice quality! High quality goes a long way. Consider a budget that allows you to do so!

Forget to measure! Make sure your sofa matches your space.

Skip the extra features! If you’re in it for the long haul, that storage compartment or bed option can be useful down the road.

Forget warranty! Check what warranty the sofa comes with or opt-in for an additional protection package.

Choosing the right sofa for your living is no easy task. But with some research, careful consideration, and an understanding of the different customization options—it’s possible! There is no better way to start than by seeing sofas in person because how something looks online can look completely different in person.

When it comes to how to choose a sofa that will last, it takes more than visual appeal. Put purpose and intent at the forefront while choosing high-quality options from sofa fabric, add-on features, and cushion fillings.

READY TO find the right sofa for your home?

Visit a Chervin Furniture & Design Showroom in Elmira or Waterloo to explore all sofa options for your home.


What is the best family friendly sofa?

Between all the spills, pet hair, crumbs, and a whole lot of movie nights. When in doubt, opt for a microfibre or canvas couch. These are the most durable and easiest sofa fabrics to clean. In terms of style, a sectional with deep cushions is a perfect fit for the whole family!

How do I take care of my sofa?

Every sofa material has its own cleaning routine. Check out the Chervin Furniture Care Guide. If you’re still unsure give our team a call.

What is the warranty on Chervin sofas?

Each of our products comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, which can vary. Chervin also offers an extended warranty through Zucora. If you would like to see pricing from our extendable warranty, please contact us.

What is the best cushion fill?

This depends on the comfort level you prefer. If you want a softer option, choose feather-down blends. For a sturdier option, choose foam, but make sure to ask about the foam density to ensure good quality for lasting support.

Can I customize a Chervin Furniture sofa?

Yes, of course. All our sofas are customizable from the fabric whether that’s from our in-house selection or we work with COM fabrics. Some of our brands, like Vogel, also offer further customization such as wood finishes, nailhead trims and much more.

Do you offer delivery services?

Chervin Furniture & Design offers free delivery with your purchase within 40 km of our Elmira showroom. If you are not in our “trading” area, please contact us and we will provide you with a quote for our white-glove delivery service.  Learn more about our full white-glove delivery service.