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A dresser chest is a bedroom staple – particularly if you find your clothing count outweighs your closet space! There are a variety of chest furniture options to choose from, depending on your space, what you are storing, and your preference. Typically, a bedroom chest is vertically-oriented compared to a more horizontal bedroom dresser to maximum storage space, while not compromising on floor space.

There are many varieties of bedroom chests to choose from, such as a Drawer chest, Gentleman’s chest, Bachelor’s chest, Door chest, and more. Some styles offer more drawers or less, depending on the height of the piece, while some have a place to hang clothing from a rod, making them dual-purpose. A bedroom chest offers versatile storage options, designed to fit your space and storage needs.

Chest furniture comes with a variety of different dresser drawer sizes and configurations as well as innovative solutions like elegant sliding panel doors and one-touch in-drawer lighting. Look for features that would be useful in your room. While some bedroom chests we carry are customizable, pay attention to the hardware when you are choosing your chest – make sure it is a finish you like and a comfortable knob or handle for you. These chests are hearty and durable and ready to serve you well for a long time. Visit our showrooms to check out our bedroom chests in Waterloo and Elmira in-person.