Dressers for the Bedroom | Chervin Furniture & Design



Dressers are a focal point of the bedroom and can showcase character and style. Their size and structure make them a statement piece in your bedroom, and a key space for consolidated, but organized, clothing storage. They offer many of the same benefits as chests, but take up a little more real estate, providing much more valuable surface area for folding, displaying decorative items, or supporting a large mirror. Dressers offer versatile benefits of function and organization, all in a beautiful exterior.

Our bedroom dressers come in many different styles such as modern dressers, traditional dressers, rustic dressers, contemporary dressers, and more. A few noteworthy models that we carry include the Larson Dresser, for it’s cottage style charm and stylish simplicity, the Avida Dresser, for its distinctive natural rattan front drawers, and the Abington Sliding Door Dresser, for its industrial ruggedness and creative flexibility.

Looking for solid wood dressers in Ontario? Chervin Furniture & Design carries bedroom dressers made from different types of woods and materials so you can find a quality piece that will last you for years. Certain bedroom dresser styles are customizable so you can create something that is special to you and your tastes. Some other handy features to look for that are available in select styles are a built-in jewelry tray, dustproof seals, and soft close drawers. For more tips and advice on bedroom furniture, read our blog article that features a breakdown of common pieces of bedroom furniture as well as what to look for in pieces.