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Whether it be a reclining sofa or reclining chair, a recliner is a welcome addition to any living room. We warn you though – it may quickly become the seat the whole family is vying for! Reclining sofas provide an ideal setting for relaxing with loved ones while reclining chairs offer a perfect retreat for personal relaxation. Although recliners are usually associated with relaxation and comfortable lounge chairs, they can also provide significant benefits for individuals dealing with back problems, circulation difficulties, or other physical challenges that can be alleviated by adjustable positions and elevated lower limbs. Don’t have enough space for a traditional recliner? Check out our wide selection of Wallhugger recliners – designed to conserve space while offering prime relaxation. Or if you’re really looking for all the options, look for one of our power swivel rocker recliners, and find everything you need in one amazing chair. If you’re looking for a reclining sofa or chair in the Waterloo Region, we’ve got the perfect pick for your needs!