Getting Your Home “In Shape”

The word “geometry” likely stirs up all sorts of elementary school memories and emotions, but whatever your experience has been in the past, geometry is about to become your new best friend. Geometric shapes and patterns are flooding 2019’s top design picks. From wall art, to fabrics, to coffee table frames, these trendy designs are seeping into every aspect of home décor, and we’re excited about the possibilities…

Of course, it is possible to over-do it – having patterns of all types or in every element of your room can certainly make it feel a bit like Alice’s Wonderland – dizzying and overwhelming. But a few geometric touches in an otherwise clean design can really add variety and “pop” to any space!

Here are a few tips to help you get your home on-trend and “in shape” this season…

  1. Find a pattern you like and stick with it. Don’t try to mix too many different patterns (unless you have a very large space), but instead work the design into a few accent pieces and one core piece of furniture in your room, then compliment it with solids.
  2. Looking to make a statement? Consider choosing one or two bold, vibrant colours for either your pattern or your solid, and a bright white or a deep base colour, such as grey, navy, or black for the other. This difference will help accentuate your pattern, while ensuring it doesn’t become overwhelming. Of course, if you want a calming room, use softer, warmer colours, but still ensure a clear distinction between the feature colour and the base.
  3. Keep an eye out for décor items that provide variations on your pattern. If you love square patterns, and your wallpaper or accent pillows already reflect that, consider incorporating a rug or table with diamond The design will be very similar but provide variety and angles to keep the eye intrigued and the room fresh.
  4. Having trouble finding a 2-D pattern you like? Think 3-D! Adding some depth to a pattern (for example, spheres to compliment circles, or pyramids to compliment triangles) can give it new life. Convex mirrors, geometric sculptures, and unique chandeliers can spice up a room with multi-dimensional design!

In our last issue, we talked about the glitz of gold accents in your home – the great thing is that gold is still in! So don’t feel the need to overhaul everything – use the tips above (and visit our showroom for more ideas!) to update your gold-toned home with some fresh new angles.