Florals: Fresh & Fabulous

Collage of Floral FabricsIt’s a new year and a new season, and with both of these come a host of fresh floral fabrics and decor! In perfect time for Spring cleaning and with a fresh, new look, come a wide variety of bright (and more subtle) floral designs within our upholstery and rug options (see a few from Decor-Rest and RizzyHome to the right!).

Florals come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, many falling into a more contemporary style, while traditional prints like Chintz and Jacobean are also making a comeback (in some exciting new colours!). Don’t miss the opportunity to work some bold prints into your decor – there are great options available for floral wallpapers, draperies, bedding, pillows, and other knick-knacks. Here are a few of our top tips to get you started…

Find the Floral That Fits…

  1. Work with your existing colour scheme. Don’t stress about replacing everything in your room, or distracted by a huge variety of colours and styles. Stick to the core palette of your living space, and look for florals that can complement your existing style and furniture well, by drawing out accent colours and textures, or contrasting (simply) with the foundational colour.
  2. Mix up your patterns! Floral patterns come in all types of materials (polyester, canvas, metal, wood…), all colours (from pinks and reds, to blues and greens, to greys and whites…), and all varieties of plant (traditional flowers, wildflowers, palm branches…even a feather pattern can pass for the floral look!).
  3. Choose a floral that fits (or sets) the tone you want for your room. Use light and airy florals to brighten and liven a room, or rich jewel tones for a classic, regal feel. Explore bold colours on white backgrounds to add a fun, contemporary feel to a room, without overwhelming it.

Quick & Easy Ways to Implement Floral Designs…

  1. Toss pillows: These small accent pillows are super easy to change out seasonally, and the zippered pillow casings they often come in make for easy cleaning and maintenance!
  2. Drapery panels: If you have a standard curtain rod, consider changing out your tab or grommet-style panels every year or season, to keep things interesting and welcoming, and to facilitate a smooth transition between outdoors and indoors. Be sure to check your required dimensions before shopping!
  3. Area rugs: Soft traditional florals are still popular with rug designers, while contemporary florals in bold colours can turn your floor into a work of art. For example, RizzyHome’s Connie Post collection really takes a fresh, new look at florals with its abstract designs. Check out Our Beginner’s Guide to Area Rugs for some helpful ideas on implementation!
  4. Greenery: Potted palms and small ficus trees can bring new life to a room, whether they are small table accents or tall, corner trees. Don’t overdo the look (especially indoors), but a few tasteful touches of greenery (whether real or artificial) can be just the perfect way to bring Spring and vibrance to a room.
  5. Blossoms: Blossoming branches, whether roses, cherry blossoms, wildflowers, or others, can make beautiful centrepieces in any style room! Display them in a transparent, white, or black vase to add elegance and versatility to your bouquet.

Your Starting Point

Looking for a second (or first!) opinion about how to make your space bloom? Karen, the designer behind this post, would love to meet you and talk through some of the options that will best suit your furniture and home! Click here to set up your free consultation. Let her know you read this post!