How to Pick & Place a Wall Clock

From Gadget to Grandeur

Although the wall clock as we know it today has existed in very similar forms for hundreds of years, there is no denying the fact that the practical use of what was first and foremost designed as a tool, is waning. Whether it’s your smartphone, your smartwatch, your laptop, or the clocks embedded in your appliances, chances are you are almost always within visual range of the time, even without a traditional floor or wall clock in the room. That being said, wall clocks still offer a lot of benefits, of which these are just a few:

  1. They’re calming – although we’ve all had moments, perhaps waiting for an interview or for a loved one to get home, when the tick-tock of a clock has induced mild anxiety, the gentle white noise of a ticking clock, or cheerful chiming of a rhythm clock can be an extremely peaceful and pleasantly reliable sound to establish in your home.
  2. They’re practical – even with the diminished daily necessity of a wall clock, there is something reassuring about its presence. Whether your power goes out, your phone is in the other room, or you’re trying to be subtle, a wall clock will consistently offer you the answer to the time at just a glance.
  3. They’re an expression of personality – there are countless clocks on the market today, ranging across the full spectrum of styles, costs, colours, sounds, and sizes. Feeling nostalgic? You can still buy a wall clock or a grandfather clock that is rich in traditional carvings and sounds. Love modern design? There are minimalist, metallic wall clocks just for you. Intrigued by art deco? There are colour-loaded and geometrically fascinating clocks out there for you, too. And the list goes on – whether you’re dramatic and gregarious or reserved and reflective, there is a wall clock out there that will fit your style and lifestyle seamlessly.
  4. They’re conversation starters – as with any other piece of wall art (canvas, wood, mirror, metal), wall clocks are a beautiful way to spruce up and refresh the blank walls in your home, and are unique enough that you’re bound to receive compliments and questions about where you found it and what you love about it.
Gallery Pocket Watch Wall Clock in roomGallery Pocket Watch Wall Clock in room

All that being said, here are a few of our top tips on how to choose the best clock for your space and be sure it looks right at home (and a few of our favourite clocks to get your brainstorming started!)…

Clever Clock Placement

  • Have a large space? Choose a large clock! Oversized clocks are on trend, and offer a rustic or industrial feel – lots of character!
  • If your style is mostly modern/contemporary, find a wall clock that features wood, metal, or even marble – there are some really streamlined and chic options available from Renwil.
  • Remember balance is key – it’s good to have a portion of wall visible on either side of your clock. It’s typically wise to budget around (but not limited to) 1/2 the width of the clock on either side.
  • Hang your clock where it can been seen; this ideally means at eye level, but also check to be sure there is a clean line of sight to your clock, avoiding possible obstructions like lamps, plants, or hanging fixtures.
  • Be conscious of the noise – depending on your preference and personality, even a small “tick-tick-tick” through the night may be distracting when you’re trying to sleep. We suggest hanging wall clocks in your kitchen, living room, or dining room, where they can be enjoyed lots through the day but are far from the bedrooms.

Clock Hanging Hints

  • Use a screw to hang your clock; leave the screw about 1/2-3/4″ out of the wall for sturdy placement.
  • Try to locate a wall stud to put your screw into, especially if you are hanging a heavier clock; it gives a stronger and more reliable foundation for your clock.
  • If a wall stud is not available in the location you need, use an anchor to add some extra support.
  • Make sure that you have a new battery in your clock before you hang it! The last thing you want after hanging it perfectly is have to take it down and replace batteries the next day.

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