Tips for a Pretty & Practical Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season is kicking right in. If you have students in your household, whether they be kindergarteners or post-secondary attendees, no doubt the discussion of new clothes, new technology, and new books has come up recently. As you stock up on the school year necessities, take the opportunity to consider if your home is well set-up to equip the students of your home to do their best work. In this post, we’re going to remind you of some outstanding options for creating a productive and inspiring workspace at home, as well as a few quick tips on how to display your child’s schoolwork in a way that offers praise but keeps your home organized and stylish. If you’d like to brainstorm together in person, drop by our showroom or give us a call Monday – Saturday and we’d love to help you find the perfect set-up for your school-goers!

Back-to-school photoBack-to-school photo

The Perfect Workspace for Little Learners

Thanks to suppliers like Legacy Classic Kids and Smart Stuff (by Universal Furniture), you have an outstanding number and range of options for creating a great homework station for your child. Desks like the Junior Executive Desks below are kid-sized but grown-up in style, giving your little learners the motivation and sense of responsibility that comes with being a big kid, on a smaller budget (both financially and in terms of space). Bedroom collections give the opportunity to create a cohesive and organized space in your child’s room, without sacrificing style or the “cool factor.” Here are quick wins from a few of our favourites:

  1. Study Hall by Legacy Classic
    Amazing options for organization including side drawers, a corkboard-backed hutch for pinning artwork or notes, incorporated lighting for flip-top trays, built-in USB and electrical outlets, and side hooks for jackets or backpacks.
  2. Bunkhouse by Legacy Classic
    Corrugated metal accents give this collection a cool, textured look, pull-out clothes rods on the outside of the locker give extra storage space for dress shirts or jerseys, and versatile pieces of furniture can be arranged and grouped in a variety of ways depending on your room’s layout and child’s needs.
  3. Varsity by Smart Stuff
    Also features a corkboard-backed hutch, as well as a pull-out desk tray, lots of storage space (including upright storage slots for folders, notes, and technology), and handy touch lighting!

Professional Desks for Executives-in-Training

Maybe your “back-to-school-ers” are teens…or maybe it’s you! Not to worry – we have even more options available for adult at-home workstations. A couple of our favourites that are in-store now include the Starmore Desk by Ashley Home Furniture, and the Phillipe Computer Station with Hutch by Handstone.

The Starmore Desk is unique in that it is streamlined in the traditional executive style, but has open shelving built into its back side, leaving lots of opportunity for welcoming, decorative elements, or handy storage of key resources.

The Phillipe Computer Station is handcrafted locally (solid hardwood), and completely customizable to your choice of wood stain and even sizing; the hutch adds a lot of extra storage space (both open and enclosed), perfect for storing office supplies, resources, past work, or memorabilia.

Both Ashley and Handstone have several more models available, as well (see some below). Contact us to discuss in more depth.

Clever Ways to Coordinate Your Kids’ ArtWork

One of the age-old tensions for young parents is weighing out encouraging their child by posting their sketches and finger painting around the house, against maintaining a stylish, organized space at home. Having an assortment of colour-by-numbers, crafts, and somewhat-less-than-accurate family portraits on your refrigerator or the back of your door (prone to flying off when someone runs by) can get a little overwhelming, no matter how adorable. Here are a few of our favourite ways to show pride in your kids’ creativity, while maintaining structure and style in your home:

  1. Dedicate a Gallery Space
    Find a room where you can dedicate a wall, or even part of a wall, to displaying your child’s artwork. This might be in the family room or playroom, or perhaps right in their own bedroom, but finding a special place for crafts to be displayed means your child can always count on their work being recognized, and you can equally dedicate other walls and surfaces to your own decor of choice. Find the location that works best for your family, so everyone feels valued and organized.
  2. Rotate Your Display
    Rather than adding endlessly to your gallery, specify a number of pieces that can be displayed at one time, and let your child decide which ones to replace when they come home with new artwork they are proud of. A simple way to do this is to install a wire clothesline or a set of clipboards organized into a grid on your gallery wall – each clip (or pair of clips) can be dedicated to a single piece of art and once the clips are full, your young artist can decide which pieces they are ready to replace with new art.
  3. Keep Your Structure Flexible
    Using clips, as mentioned above, is also a great solution because they’re easy to use, and shouldn’t leave any permanent marks or damage on the artwork, so when it comes down you can store it away safely for reflecting on another year. Another solution is to purchase a set of adhesive photo frames/borders that allow you to switch up the orientation and layout of your gallery based on what artwork your child creates, without leaving marks and holes in the wall.
  4. Pick a Scheme and Style
    Whether you choose to use traditional frames, adhesive frames, or clips, think of it like cards – try to keep your hand to either all the same colour or all the same suit…but you don’t have to have both! Purchase a wide variety of sizes and styles of frames and spray paint them all the same colour, or alternatively, purchase multiple of the same frame and paint them a variety of fun colours, to reflect the creativity in the artwork they will house. Either way, the result will be a gallery that has structure and style, but is still fun and diverse enough to play host to any work of art your kid comes up with.

Need some more ideas on how to get your home back-to-school ready? book an appointment with our in-home consultant, Karen, and get lots of great advice on creating a practical, pretty, and uplifting environment in your home.