Brand Profile: Handstone Furniture

Handstone Furniture is one of our most customizable brands – and their home base is just down the road from us! Based in Wallenstein, ON, Handstone Furniture is a Mennonite-owned furniture company, that specializes in designing and handcrafting highly custom, solid wood furniture. If you’re looking for quality, longevity, personalization, and style all in one package, you’re going to want to explore Handstone. Here is how they describe themselves:

“In this day and age, not many things are built to last. But Handstone Furniture isn’t one of them. We refuse to compromise. It’s been that way since we started in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Today we remain a family-owned Canadian manufacturer of custom-made, solid wood furniture. We still hand-select the kiln-dried cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods we work with. We continually invest in adding state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to our facilities. And we never forget that the only thing equal to the precision and accuracy of modern manufacturing process is the technique and attention to detail that comes from having a reverence for old world craftsmanship. We practice lean manufacturing methods and each piece is built-to-order. Handstone Furniture is different. It takes a little longer to build. You’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. But we think you’ll agree…it’s lasting beauty is worth it.”Handstone Furniture

Customize Your Wood Finish

With five different wood species and a healthy number of finish options available for each, you can be sure you’ll find a beautiful finish colour and style to evoke the mood and look you’re looking to cultivate in your home. Options include: Brushwork Maple (8 varieties), Buxton Cherry (6 varieties), Heritage Maple (8 varieties), Solid Maple (18 varieties), and Solid Oak (6 varieties).

Customize Your Hardware

From pulls to cup pulls to knobs to knockers, Handstone offers hardware in just about every style. With 40 different models available spanning several metal finishes and other materials, you can mix and match or keep a consistent look throughout your pieces. Customizing these details can really bring your furniture to life!

Customize Your Upholstery

Select items by Handstone (primarily dining room chairs) come upholstered and so of course, in true Handstone style, that design choice is yours, too! Do you prefer gentle neutrals or bold patterns? Soft, textured fabric, or smooth, high quality leather? Choose from over 140 fabrics and 12 leathers to make your chairs truly all your own. See the full selection here.

Contact us or visit Handstone’s website to learn more about this local Mennonite furniture company!