Highlights of a Hygge Home

Winter and snow can be beautiful, crisp, and refreshing, but in Canada they can also linger much longer than we’d hoped for…gradually dwindling in both novelty and appeal as snow turns to slush and days grow shorter. But one of the blessings of winter is the fresh sense of gratitude for a cozy place to call home, and loved ones to share our cozy spaces with. It’s nothing to take for granted, and not an environment that creates itself…there are so many ways to creatively design your space to be the perfect refuge on cold, dark days.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a trending Scandinavian way of life that refers to an environment that is peaceful and secure, whatever that means to you – a space that brings you comfort and happiness. Some people seek gathering spaces for family and friends, while others seek a quiet corner for solitude. Whatever it looks like for you, here are a few themes to get you started in determining what hygge could look like in your home…

Highlights of a Hygge Home - blog postHighlights of a Hygge Home - blog post


Overstuffed cushions, roomy seats, and extra throw pillows can all contribute to making a piece of furniture extra plush and extra cozy. Maybe you enjoy relaxed sofas to cuddle up in (check out sectionals with extra-wide “cuddler” end options), or a recliner to relax in while you read your favourite book. Or perhaps you’ll want to consider getting your own oversized chair to curl up in with a cup of tea or hot cocoa…my personal favourite “cozy spot” is curled up in my chair-and-a-half with an Earl Grey in one hand and a design magazine in the other – dreamy! Choose soft fabrics like cotton for your upholstered furniture to complete the hygge vibe. 


Another significant element of Hygge is natural materials – going back to the basics with wood, stone, wool, and cotton can help you connect with nature and bring an unimposing, authentic warmth to your room. Natural elements can be incorporated in everything from your tables and chairs to your wall art and decor. In terms of colours and finishes, neutral tones tend to foster the sense of serenity you’re looking for (save bright and bold colours for other rooms where the focus is energy and productivity).


Nothing says cozy and home-y like an abundance of throw blankets and plush pillows, especially if they come in chunky knits and natural colours. In addition to sofas and beds draped and stacked with huggable (or cocoon-worthy) pillows and throws, area rugs can really pull a gathering space together with ethereal designs and cushy footing. Plush rugs offer warmth under foot and provide another tactile sensation to help you relax and settle in for the night (my favourite new rug collection is called “Colorado” by Kalora!).


“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…” isn’t only true at Christmastime! All winter long, candles or a full-scale fireplace can add much-needed warmth and comfort (mental and physical) to your home. Electric fireplaces are no-risk, no-maintenance options for homes of all sizes and candles are popular in Hygge design, especially during the darker months. If you’re looking for a smaller, more versatile option, a beautiful, fragrant candle (or many!) can be the perfect choice. Our favourites are handmade soy candles by Bright Hope Company

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