Perfect Furniture for the Cuddlers in Your Family

This holiday weekend we all have the opportunity to appreciate family in a fresh way. With the weekend bookended by Valentine’s Day and Family Day, love and appreciation of all kinds – new and mature, young and old, romantic and familial – is in the air. As the temperature drops outside and our hearts warm up with the reminder of unconditional family love, it’s the perfect season to find a new favourite spot to cozy up with the ones you care most about.

Broadway Sectional Room ShotBroadway Sectional Room Shot

Many of our most contemporary sectionals come with a configuration option called a “cuddler” – an extra-wide, angled end seat perfect to curl (cuddle) up with your kids or a loved one. Spacious but cozy, this configuration option gives a sectional a warm, relational, and modern feel, perfect for today’s families! Alternatively, several sectionals also include a corner wedge option, where instead of the two sides of the piece coming together at a perfect 90 degrees, there is a little extra leg room and a true seat devoted to the corner. This makes it easy for the whole family to cuddle up and stay cozy, without anyone getting squished or feeling stuck between two seats!

If a sectional isn’t a realistic option for your family home, whether due to space or budget restrictions, a Chair-and-a-Half is a fabulous alternative that still gives a welcoming vibe to any room. Most of these chairs are perfect for two adults or one adult and two children to sit together on, whether cuddled up with a bedtime story or cozied up with your favourite lattes. Need a little more space? We also have plenty of round lounge chairs available that are ideal for playful spaces and large families. The largest model currently available (in fact, only recently released) spans up to 5 feet across! Contact us to learn more about lounge chair options for your family.

We wish you and your loved ones a comfy, cozy family Day weekend filled with love, joy…and plenty of cuddles.

Please note: Our showrooms will be closed on Monday, February 17 so our team can spend some special time with their families.