Fantastic Ways to Declutter This Spring

“Less clutter, less stress!” How many of us relate to this mantra in thought but not in action? Good ol’ spring cleaning season is on its way, and that nagging tension between dread and anticipation is settling in. Taking the time to declutter and reorganize is almost undoubtedly rewarding, but somehow feels never ending, especially in a house that’s home to more than just you. But there are ways of making decluttering manageable and making storage both attractive and accessible. Check out our tips on decluttering below, and stop by our flagship showroom to explore an outstanding variety of quality, stylish storage options!

If You’re Overwhelmed…

Most of us live in a world filled with “stuff” – things we used to think were beautiful but have now outgrown, things we can’t wait to use we just haven’t found a place for, things that hold dear memories, and things we use everyday. With so much stuff, where do we even begin when it comes to organizing and decluttering? The task can feel overwhelming, but nags at us nonetheless to be done.

One surefire way to answer the call and begin the daunting process is to pick one small space to start with. Not even a small room – just pick a closet or a chest and start with that. Build momentum and fuel your decluttering enthusiasm with small wins (that, by the way, are still valuable and moving you forward!). Seemingly small accomplishments will help you get into culling mode and make the overall task ahead of you seem less intimidating!


Fantastic Ways to Declutter This Spring blog post

If You’re Too Attached…


Sorting Clothes

Declutter Your Home - Sorting Toys

Declutter Your Home - Seasonal Decor

Once you’ve chosen your starting point, it’s time to get down to sorting. Whether you’re dealing with clothes, music, art, toys, books, or tech, going through and deciding the fate of each item (that was likely precious to you at one time, if not now), can be challenging. Give yourself room to think and stay organized. Start by finding a large open space when you can clearly sort items into piles. Pick up each item and decide whether it is still in use, a seasonal item that will be used again, or an item that no longer serves its purpose or “brings you joy” (thanks, Marie Kondo).

The seasonal items can be stored in less accessible places (like upper cabinets or in the garage or basement), while the frequently used items should obviously stay prioritized in terms of accessibility. Remember that those items you don’t use or get value from frequently don’t have to be “worthless” – unless they’re in bad condition, they may be able to bring joy to another friend or family member, or be useful to a charitable organization in your community. Giving something to someone who needs it makes letting go much easier!

If You’re Out of Storage Space…

Once you have decided what you can’t live without, the question becomes “but where does it go?” Storage space is a point of interest and a popular conversation in most homes, these days, and thankfully lots of furniture manufacturers are coming up with creative ways of making storage stylish. Attractive and effective storage options help keep your space tidy, reduce stress, and limit necessary cleaning so you have more time to enjoy the people you treasure and the things you hold onto. In our showroom, you’ll find lots of clever options, including:

  • Baskets to keep open shelf storage tidy and contained
  • Baskets to hold throw blankets and pillows in your lounge areas
  • Bookcases with lips/trays to help contain shelf storage
  • Credenzas and TV stands with ample (hidden) storage space
  • Wardrobes and armoires for linens and seasonal items
  • Beds with built-in storage drawers
  • Mirrors with built-in jewelry storage
  • Storage ottomans and benches for entryways and high-traffic areas

If You’re Out of Room…

Balance is key when you’re dealing with small spaces and lots of storage. Keep your room light and airy, and be intentional about not overcrowding it.  Pare down what you can, but find strategic storage options, and even more so storage placement, for whatever you decide is valuable for your current season of life. Try not to block windows – look for pieces that will sit just in front of or below your window sills. Help household flow by keeping ample space available around furniture. Rule of thumb: 36″ is ideal for a walkway (or where a chair needs to be pulled out); a minimum of 24″is ideal for walking space between furniture. Focus on keeping your tabletops clear, and  your shelves organized, and you’ll be amazed how much more serene and spacious your room will feel!

todoe cocktail table has a lift feature, grey distressed wood finish and two drawers with metal looking legstodoe cocktail table has a lift feature, grey distressed wood finish and two drawers with metal looking legs

Enjoy every benefit of spring cleaning this season, from newfound surface space to refreshed furniture. CONTACT US for help with choosing storage units that are right for your home!