Brand Profile: Renwil

If you’re looking for that special finishing touch for your home, look no further than Renwil, a Quebec-based design company that specializes in high quality home decor. Each of their designers is officially an Artist, and has particular styles or mediums that they use to produce exceptional works of art for the home. While Renwil features primarily contemporary and modern art styles, they also produce canvas art, mirrors, lighting, and other pieces in every style from traditional to industrial. Their decor is dramatic but not over-stated, with a stunning piece for any home. Founded by Allen Wilner in 1967, the company now thrives under the leadership of his two sons, who have this to say about their company:

“Renwil is a home decor company with a signature collection of over 2,000 designs of original artwork, mirrors, lighting, rugs, pillows, accent furniture, and accessories servicing retailers and designers…Our father…founded Renwil on the conviction that art should not be limited to galleries and museums, but fill the walls of our home, surrounding us with beauty and inspiration.”

Jonathan & Ryan Wilner

make a statement with mirrors

Mirrors are not only a practical decor choice (handy for a quick confirmation that you still look the way you intended before your dinner guests arrive), but they have the outstanding ability of making a room feel much larger than it truly is. Perfect for small rooms, hallways, and window-less spaces, mirrors are a tasteful and simple yet dramatic decor option for your home.

accentuate your conversation spaces

Whether its a sofa, chair, loveseat, or reading nook, a few throw pillows can really liven up and complete your conversation spaces. Make a seating area cozy and serene with plump pillows in neutral tones and soft fabrics, or make it playful and vibrant with captivating patterns and pops of bold colours. Throw pillows let you add an exciting touch of character with just a small accent item, and are also easily switched out, seasonally, or simply when you get bored!

express yourself with art

Canvas art continues to be an incredibly popular choice for homes of all styles and sizes, and more alternative forms of artwork, including some cut from metal, are increasingly available at a wide range of price points. Whatever medium you like, Renwil likely has something you’ll love, with their artists covering every scene from busy downtown cityscapes to calming floral bouquets to abstract oil paintings reminiscent of the geode trend.

make it personal with home decor

Small accent items like knick-knacks, side tables, stools, and clocks can be the perfect way to spice up your space and express your personality. These home decor items are luxury at a low price point – lighting, clocks, candle holders, and accent furniture that are as fashionable as they are functional. Pick one at a time and let your home flourish gradually, or choose a combination of pieces to redesign your style from scratch.

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