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Our 5 Favourite Small Space Recliners

While reclining chairs have been known for comfort, they have also been known to be puffy, bulky, and space sucking. People who live in small homes, apartments, and condos often feel as though they will never be able to experience the luxury of a true reclining chair due to lack of space. We are here to tell you that is not true!

Whether you are condo living, apartment living or just have limited space, there is no reason you cannot have the reclining chair of your dreams. Here are 5 of our favourite small space reclining chairs.

1.  Q30 – By Palliser

The Q30 is a modern recliner whose exceptional functionality will inspire envious glances. Her sleek, minimal, wall hugging design is perfect for any small space, allowing the chair to sit just 6 inches away from your walls with full use of reclining movements. The Q30 provides superior comfort and functionality, through ergonomically molded seat and back cushions, in a forward-thinking, stylish package.

2.  Oxford – By Vogel

The Oxford recliner exhibits a streamlined design that is perfect for small, contemporary spaces. Looking at this chair, you would never know it is a recliner as the footrest tucks away incredibly discreetly. This pushback recliner is only 27.5 inches wide and features open sides which makes it look and feel even more airy no matter the space it is in.

Wall Hugger Recliner:

Ideal for smaller rooms like a bedroom or smaller living room or den. Instead of the seatback going back like a rocker recliner, the reclining position comes from the chair moving forward on its track mechanism.

3.  Sorrento – By Palliser

If you love the style of a traditional recliner, but don’t want the bulkiness, the Sorrento reclining chair may be for you. Tufting and puckered stitches give this chair the look of a traditional recliner while remaining 19 – 21 inches in width, depending on the style you choose. You can purchase this chair as either a wall hugger recliner, regular recliner, or a swivel glider recliner. And as if that weren’t enough, the Sorrento features a power headrest to ensure perfect head positioning while watching TV or reading a book.

4.  Orlando – By Dutelier

Sleek and elegant are the best words to describe this contemporary, 28 inch wide, reclining chair. Customize the look to suit your living space by pairing your preferred leather or fabric covering with one of three finishes for the solid wood armrests. This chair is made for optimal comfort with the adjustable telescopic headrest and technogel seat which provides support, pressure relief, and enhanced thermal regulation. Step it up a notch by buying the matching gliding ottoman!

5.  Banff – By Palliser

Just like the city, the Banff recliner is the perfect blend of simplicity and polish. It holds a contemporary appeal, with its curved arms and refined top-stitching details. This small space friendly recliner is tall and narrow (only 30 inches wide and 40 inches tall). The Banff comes in multiple styles for maximized convenience and comfort including a wall hugger, rocker recliner, and swivel glider. Banff uses multi-density foams dispersed throughout the chair to provide a ergonomic seating and years of enjoyment.

Everyone deserves to experience the luxurious comfort of a reclining chair, no matter the size of their space. If you are looking for additional help with your small space recliner shopping, visit our showroom and consult one of our amazing sales representatives. We have plenty of options available for you and bonus – many of them are Canadian made!

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