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4 Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

Take advantage of the space you’re in. No matter if it is a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, there are plenty of ways to have the right amount of furniture and décor you want in the small space you live in.   

decorating a small room with recliner and ottoman

Charlotte Chair by Dutailier

We want to help bring your vision to life! We have asked for some advice from our in-house design expert Karen, to lend us some help in hand in providing you with the tips and tricks you need to decorate every square inch of your small space.  

Our in-house design expert Karen

Karen’s Do’s & Don’ts   

DO – remember to measure and take advantage of vertical space: consider floating shelves, creating ambience with wall mounted lighting, mirrors and fixtures.  


DON’T– overcrowd your room. Leave space between your pieces, and make sure each piece is serving a purpose- furniture with additional storage will help keep your space tidy.  


As simple as it may sound, it will save you time and overall stress if you plan your room layout. Rather than starting full speed ahead and moving a heavy sofa in one corner of the living room, and then figuring out a few moments later that you would prefer the sofa to be placed on the opposite side of the room. No need for a headache, just plan it out!

In addition, it’s important to understand exactly how much space you have before you get too excited purchasing furniture or decor items that you must return, because you no longer have the room for them.


While you’re planning think about the purpose of the room. What is it currently used for and what is its full potential? Just because it functions like your living room now doesn’t mean it has to just be your living room. Have you ever thought about placing a desk on that annoying corner wall you just don’t know what to do with? Add an office area where you work and use the rest of the space to relax and unwind from the day. Optimize your small room by creating a multi-purpose space.



You know that old saying “less is more?” I know your excited to decorate, we are too, but that doesn’t mean you have to cram a lot of small décor pieces into your small space. If you do this, your space will immediately feel cluttered and unorganized. Having a few larger furniture pieces as focal points in your space provides you with a base to add more décor pieces later on. Less selection equals feeling less overwhelmed, and less of a chance of creating a chaotic space.

white and gold desk in a small home office

Allure Vanity Desk by Universal Furniture

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