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Decorating 101: How To Hang Artwork In Your Own Home

Displaying artwork above a sofa


The art we bring into our home displays our personal flair and style while giving our home character. That’s a lot of pressure for one piece of decor!

Now that you’ve finally found that perfect piece of art, you have a blank canvas right in front of you, your living room wall, and you’re ready to hang your new piece of artwork but aren’t exactly sure what the best place to hang it is. Luckily for you, we have a few tips to share.

Choosing Your Artwork Placement

A rule of thumb that most designers use is to hang artwork at eye level (approximately 57-60 inches from the floor).

If the artwork is above a piece of furniture, center the art on the furniture and place it 4-6 inches above the furniture. Choosing artwork that is 2/3 the width of your furniture naturally draws your focus to the piece of art and is more pleasing to the eye.

Be sure to incorporate blank space around the piece of art, which will allow your eyes to rest and reflect on the beautiful piece of art that you chose.

Practical Tip:

If you’re a visual person, try putting painter’s tape on the wall to mock the size and placement of your artwork.

Creative Ways to Display Your Artwork

Did you know that your artwork doesn’t have to be hung on a wall? Of course, depending on the size of your artwork, this is the most logical route to take. However, there are other creative, modern ways of hanging artwork that is stylish, easy to maneuver, and adds a little pop to your space.


Hanging artwork above furniture and around decor items

1. Artwork on a Shelf or Mantel

Using a shelf or a mantel, can allow you to display multiple pieces while combining various shapes and sizes of art. Having different patterns, textures, and colors on display gives the room a fun aesthetic, adds personality, and creates an opportunity for conversational pieces.

2. Go LoW

A unique opportunity is to display particularly big pieces of artwork on the floor. Canvases and framed paintings or photographs can be easily displayed leaning against a wall on the floor and create interest in an unexpected way.

Pro: Your display becomes a true statement piece in the room as it is easily seen and acts as a décor item blended in with your furniture. It’s also easy to move to another room whenever you please.

Con: You must be careful which area of the home you place your oversized artwork. You don’t want to place your beautiful piece of art on the ground against a wall, where it can easily become ruined and be knocked over. If you have children or pets, it will most likely not fit your lifestyle.

No matter where or how you display your art, it is always a good idea to plan out how you are going to display it. This includes, height, width, and matching the style of the art work to the desired atmosphere in your home. 

This blog was inspired by the many different art manufacturers who’s art we display in our furniture showrooms. 

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