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Mattress Shopping Guide

Sleep is important, and we want you to invest in your sleep! 

Getting enough sleep is important, but feeling like you got a good night’s sleep is just as important. The only way to achieve the best quality of sleep your body and mind deserve is to invest in a mattress that is the perfect fit for you.  

Are you wide awake now? Good! Our sales expert, Jody, knows everything you need to know when shopping for a Canadian-made Serta mattress at Chervin Furniture & Design.

Take Your Time

When beginning your search for your perfect mattress, it is important that you take your time. If you are shopping for a mattress one afternoon, but an issue arises, or you only have a certain amount of time before you need to be at your next destination, stop and continue your search another day. Shopping for a mattress that fits your needs is an investment, and we wouldn’t want you to make a rushed decision based on stressful factors. Come back another day and make the time to give your body and mind the best chance of having a good night’s sleep.  

Serta mattress with cooling gels in bed frame in bedroom

“Shopping for a mattress is a personal experience. There is no need to feel rushed or pressured into buying a mattress; we want you to shop with your personal preferences and take the time to feel the mattress out for yourself.”

Understand The Quality you need

Serta mattresses have high-quality features crafted into their gels, foams, and fibres. The technological advancements of mattresses have come a long way, and the details of how Serta offers mattresses with all kinds of unique features are important in making your decision.  

With a little bit of sounding like a broken record, buying a mattress is an investment, and to buy one that is going to fulfill the troubles you are having with your sleep, you may need to spend a decent amount of money to find what you are looking for. The more money you spend, the more features your mattress will have. It’s up to you to determine which features are a priority.

Imagine you are shopping for a mattress with the intent of the new mattress fixing an issue you have while sleeping. Some things you would want to consider are the following:

  • Serta mattresses can have cooling gels crafted into them, keeping you cool and dry while you sleep, and preventing you from sweating during the night. The cooling gel top will help to regulate your body temperature.  
  • Memory foam is another option. It conforms to the shape of your body, and adjusts to the way you sleep, which will help you have a comfortable night’s sleep.  
  • Different mattresses have different densities, including firm, medium, and soft. All are unique in how you want your mattress to feel.  
  • Pocket coils in the mattress give you more of a structured feel. If you sleep with a partner, they keep you from noticing your partner’s movements throughout your sleep. Allowing you to sleep through the night without having any interruptions.

All these features are designed to help you change your sleeping habits and develop healthier ones – giving you the rest you deserve.

The reality is that there is no steadfast rule in determining when it is time to buy a new mattress and get rid of your old one. If you’re having difficulty sleeping because your back is sore and you have a tough time getting out of bed, then maybe it is time for a change. Our bodies are constantly changing, especially as we get older, so your mattress might need to change with it. At the end of the day, you need a mattress that feels right to you. 

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