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A Breakdown of Bedroom Furniture

Whether you’re setting up your first “grown-up” bedroom set in your new home, investing in a set for your growing child’s bedroom, or simply looking to refresh a bedroom you’ve enjoyed for decades, choosing a new set of bedroom furniture can feel like a huge decision. There are countless manufacturers, styles, finishes, and configurations, and knowing which pieces will fit your style, lifestyle, wardrobe, and even room, can be a lot to figure out (not to mention, that investing in a full bedroom set doesn’t come with a small price tag).

That being said, choosing the right bedroom set can put you in a good position for many, many years to come, and make the place you spend at least a third of your day one that is peaceful, refreshing, organized, and inviting. Style is something for you to decide on in time, but first and foremost, it’s key to enter your shopping experience feeling knowledgeable on the primary pieces you’re likely to see available, so you can curate just the right combination of pieces to suit your space and style (for most people, an entire bedroom collection wouldn’t fit in their room and may even be overkill in terms of clothing storage capacity, so carefully selecting the pieces that will be most valuable to you is a key step in the process). Here’s a helpful breakdown of bedroom furniture:


Upholstered Beds

Beds can come upholstered just on the headboard, or on all components of the bed. Upholstering your bed adds an extra “cozy” element to your bedroom, gives a luxurious finishing touch to your focal point furniture, and helps to absorb sound, making your bedroom an even more tranquil retreat. Upholstered headboards are often tufted.

Shonda Bed-King-Hemingway Silver

Storage Beds

Many beds come with the option to incorporate storage drawers into the base (under the support rails). In most cases, the bed must be purchased with storage already built-in, but there are some kids’ beds where storage can be added in after-purchase. Storage beds are great for keeping extra bedding, shoes, or even seasonal clothes tidy and in easy reach.

The Abington Panel Bed has a transitional design and finished in a weather charcoal finish

Bunk beds

If you have multiple kids or simply have a child who loves sleepovers or wants a separate space for bedtime stories, a bunk bed could be a fantastic choice. Bunk beds come in a wide variety of styles and many have fun features and updated designs to ensure your child is safe, as well as enjoying every minute in their room. For more info on bunk beds, read our blog post called “Bunk Bed Basics”.

Bunkhouse Bunk Bed by Legacy Classic Kids


Open Nightstands

Open nightstands keep your room feel modern, airy, and light, but can also look cluttered if you plan to store things on the exposed shelf. If you don’t need much storage space, or plan to keep your books and technology organized by your bed, then these are wonderfully fresh and accessible options. If that sounds like too much work, consider a closed nightstand.

Modern Wilshire Nightstand by Universal Furniture

Closed Nightstands

Closed nightstands offer additional storage space that is a little more “out of sight, out of mind”. Typically, these nightstands have 2-4 drawers. They can still be very modern in design, but have a bit more substance to them than an open nightstand (and may be more preferable if you just want a place to put bedroom routine items without thinking).

Chattanooga Night Stand by Handstone

Clothing Storage


Hiboys are essentially vertical dressers, typically containing 5-6 drawers. These clothing storage units are major space savers and great for fitting on narrow walls or even in closets. The number of drawers in a Hiboy can also be practical for helping keep clothes sorted and organized (and out of sight).

Glengarry Hiboy Deep Drawer Chest


Dressers provide a lot of storage space whether for clothes, blankets, or even jewellery (some units come with felt-lined jewellery inserts). These are substantial units that really need a wall of their own to stand against, but have the added benefit of a lot of surface area should you like to add some decor, a mirror (read on below), or organizers.

townsend 6 drawer dresser no mirror

Door Chests

Door chests are a fun storage option that gives you essentially the drawers of a Hiboy in combination with the versatility of a closet. Door chests can use barn door rollers (like below) or more concealed slides, depending on the overall style, and typically behind the door is a tall storage space with a rod, a set of shelves, or additional drawers.

B5005-13 Radcliffe Door Chest - barn-door style door chest finished in distressed Sanibel and complete with 4 shelves and 7 drawers; black hardware accents the light wood finish for an industrial style


Armoires and wardrobes are both vertical storage lockers, typically with 2-3 doors and a combination of shelves and drawers inside. These units are the tallest of any bedroom piece, truly making a style statement, and providing a lot of extra storage space. They are very regal in appearance and provide wide shelves for storing bulky items.

788165 Soliloquy Armoire - Universal Furniture - modern sunburst-style double-door armoire finished in Cocoa and Chanel


Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are a fabulous choice for any room of your house, and the bedroom is no exception. These ottomans work really well across the foot of the bed, serving as both a streamlined seating option (for putting on socks or folding laundry), and a stylish form of additional storage (particularly for extra blankets).

13520 Storage Bench by Vogel

Stylish Seating

If you don’t need extra storage, a more airy bench may still be a welcome choice at the foot of your bed. Not only does it offer seating for getting ready in the morning, it also adds a “finishing touch” in creating a welcoming, stylish space. This may not be a necessity for you right away, but it’s a lovely upgrade should you choose to add it later on!

norton bench is a contemporary bench with arms and tufting in a light grey fabric with dark black legs


Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors can come square, portrait, or landscape, and are a nice option if you plan to get dressed and/or do your hair and makeup in your bedroom. They are large enough to give you a really good look at at least the top half of your outfit, and mirrors are always a great way to help a space feel bigger.

Paradox Mirror - Universal Furniture - mirror with bevelled edges surrounded by two silver metal frames for airy, modern look

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors can simply be full-length mirrors leaned against a wall, or they can be more substantial units (like the one below) that sit on a stand and may even contain hidden storage for accessories. Floor mirrors let you see your entire outfit/look before you walk out the door to embrace the day ahead.

Cheval Storage Mirror - Universal Furniture - whitewashed, full length, free-standing mirror with some decorative bevelling and carving in the frame

Need Bedroom Design Help?

Our team is well-versed in the bedroom collections available from our suppliers, and knows just which ones work well in different spaces and contexts, not to mention which models can be customized. We would love to help you design and curate a bedroom that will truly feel like home. Contact us or visit our showroom to get started.